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Welcome to the homepage for the Associate Chancellor for Institutional Diversity’s office! We are living in a time of a rapid diversification in America and across the world. As a result, it’s becoming more and more imperative that we ensure our university culture is one of inclusiveness. I am honored to assist in Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s efforts to create such a culture on this campus and to support initiatives through my office to ensure that faculty, staff, and students have access to the resources necessary to make this a reality. It is our vision to see that everyone within our university community feels a sense of belonging here at SIU, as well as access to the resources necessary to gain a level of competence to successfully work with individuals different from themselves.

What We Do

Our office's main focus is to ensure that the university complies with federal and state equity policies.  Our office handles reporting and investigating of discrimination cases.  As a result, our office reflects a coordinated effort among the offices of Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Programs, Diversity and Equity, and University Women’s Professional Advancement, under the leadership of the Associate Chancellor for Institutional Diversity. Through our offices, we offer campus-wide and department-specific educational and informative trainings on sexual harassment and other compliance concerns.  We hope that you will utilize our office's services to help support your success and our university’s overall mission for an inclusive campus culture.  For more information and resources available through each of these offices, please click on the web-links listed across the top of this page.


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