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Fall colors around campus lake
Angel Post

Lilia A. Angel-Post, M.A

Center for English as a Second Language (CESL)
Title: Admissions, Adviser, & D.S.O.
Email: cesl@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-6470
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Sarah Buila, Ph.D., MSW

School of Social Work
Title: Graduate Program Director and Associate Professor
Email: sdbuila@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-1151
Image of Ashley Followell

Ashley Followell

University Affirmative Action Office
Title: Equal Opportunity Office
Email: ashley.followell@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-1196
Image of Kimberly Heinisch

Kimberly Heinisch

Center for Workforce Development
Title: Customer Service Representative
Email: Kimberly.Heinisch@siu.edu
Phone: 217-303-5851
April Hendley

April Hendley

Department of Physics
Title: Senior Lecturer
Email: ahendley@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-2272
Image of Jill Kirkpatrick

Jill Kirkpatrick

Bursar's Office
Title: Bursar
Email: kirkpat@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-2171
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Dr. Lanel Love

Student Multicultural Resource Center
Title: Assistant Director
Email: llove2@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-3470
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Katherine I. Martin, PhD

Department of Linguistics
Title: Assistant Professor of TESOL
Email: martinki@siu.edu
Rita Medina

Rita Medina

College of Engineering, Computing, Technology, and Mathematics
Title: Academic Advisor
Email: rita.medina@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-2261
Picture of Sandy Pensoneau-Conway

Sandy Pensoneau-Conway

School of Communication Studies
Title: Associate Professor and Director
Email: sandypc@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-2291
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Lana M. Rizzo

Automotive Technology Department
Title: Assistant Instructor
Email: lana.rizzo@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-9155
Image of Michelle Rust

Michelle L. Rust

SIU Alumni Association
Title: Director of Student Relations
Email: micheller@alumni.siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-1331
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Kathryn Waldyke

PA Program - School of Medicine
Title: Clinical Assistant Professor
Student Health Center
Title: Staff Physician
Email: kwaldyke@siumed.edu
Phone: 618-453-8746
Image of Valerie Brooks Wallin

Valerie Brooks Wallin

College of Health and Human Sciences
Title: Chief Academic Advisor
Email: vlbrooks@siu.edu
Phone: 618-453-2052