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SIU Diversity Week 2020

Diversity Week was in October 2020.  You can view our schedule to see the opportunitites we had.

SIU Diversity Week 2020
Cultivating Connections: One Conversation at a Time

Welcome to SIU Carbondale’s Diversity Week. This year’s theme is Cultivating Connections: One Conversation at a Time. The inaugural SIU Carbondale Diversity Week was scheduled to occur in April 2020. As you know, COVID-19 derailed many events from March to May. COVID-19 is still with us. That didn’t stop the Chancellor’s Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion from ensuring that Diversity Week would be celebrated. Campus departments, student organizations and community partners came together for this inaugural event. This was a huge undertaking, and we believe that the Carbondale campus, Carbondale community and SIU system family will benefit from all the events.

We invite you to register for Diversity Week and review the schedule carefully. Select the events that are most interesting to you but also challenge yourself by attending events that may make you feel uncomfortable. As a community, we need to come together. The only way to do that is to challenge ourselves to learn about what we do not know. This week is intended for everyone to learn about people, cultures, ethnicities and races which are unfamiliar to us. It is also an opportunity to highlight members of our diverse Saluki family. At SIU Carbondale, we are dedicated to learning, growing and evolving together. Have a great week and let us know how we can improve to become a more inclusive community.

Todd Bryson
Interim Associate Chancellor for Diversity

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